April Barkasi, PE

April Barkasi, PE — Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Barkasi has over twenty (20) years of professional civil engineering experience. She specializes in infrastructure for municipal engineering, environmental services, and construction management. Ms. Barkasi provides comprehensive planning, design, and construction services to local, regional, and federal governments, as well as commercial and private clients. In addition, she is experienced and knowledgeable about public funding, contracting, and asset management. She is an acknowledged industry expert in reality modeling. Ms. Barkasi founded CEDARVILLE in 2010, and has led the company’s rapid growth. She participates on several local advisory panels, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, Engineering News Record (ENR) named Ms. Barkasi as one of the Top 25 Newsmakers of the year.


Curt Hatfield, PE

Curt Hatfield, PE — Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hatfield has more than twenty-one (21) years of experience in environmental engineering and related technologies including operations management. He has completed and supervised Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments, remedial action feasibility studies, remedial design, and field installation and oversight of remedial system implementation. Projects include ATSM Environmental Site Assessments, numerous soil and groundwater investigations in PADEP’s Act 2 Land Recycling and Delaware’s Voluntary Clean-up Program, underground and above storage tanks sites, Brownfield redevelopment of former industrial sites, asbestos management in public and private settings, lead paint management, and indoor air quality. Mr. Hatfield has completed environmental compliance audit programs for private clients and for city, state and federal programs.


Hank Garie, PMP

Hank Garie, PMP — General Manager & Director of Environmental Services

Mr. Garie has more than twenty-five (25) years of experience developing, directing, and managing U.S. state and federal government programs. He is a recognized expert in geospatial information. He has spent more than twenty (20) years developing geographic information systems, including designing and implementing National Spatial Data Infrastructures. From 2002-2006, Mr. Garie served at the U.S. Department of the Interior where he directed the Geospatial One Stop, a national Portal for geospatial information. As the Director of Geospatial One Stop, Mr. Garie interacted regularly with executives at over twenty (20) federal agencies on geospatial policy, data coordination, and technical issues. Prior to leading a national geospatial program, Mr. Garie served as the first Geospatial Information Officer for the State of New Jersey and implemented the GIS for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. For the past ten (10) years, Mr. Garie has served as a consultant assisting federal, state, and local organizations develop and use GIS in support of environmental protection and decision making.


Bryan Kulakowsky, PE

Bryan Kulakowsky, PE — Senior Municipal Engineer

Mr. Kulakowsky has over twenty (20) years of applied civil engineering design experience. His practice in the private sector includes site layout and design, sanitary sewer design, stormwater management design, storm sewer conveyance design, utility coordination, and erosion and sediment control design. In his role as a Senior Municipal Engineer, Mr. Kulakowsky provides valuable insight in the review of land development projects for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential sites and technical guidance and support to engineers, scientists, and staff specialists. He also is experienced in project presentation and providing expert testimony before Municipal Boards and Commissions.


Rod Chirumbolo, PE

Rod Chirumbolo, PE — Senior Project Engineer

Mr. Chirumbolo has more than twenty-five (25) years of civil engineering experience in land development, erosion control design, stormwater management design, and municipal engineering projects. He has gained experience in the oil and gas industry, including cross-country pipeline installation projects and compressor station design and permitting. Mr. Chirumbolo is proficient in the preparation and review of site plans, reports, and applications for pipeline and land development projects. He is adept in the design and preparation of plans for post-construction stormwater management, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems, erosion and sediment control (E&SC), and E&SC permit applications.



Tania O'Kane, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Tania O'Kane, PE, LEED AP BD+C — Environmental Project Engineer

Tania O’Kane is a Professional Environmental Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional with over twelve (12) years of design, permitting and construction inspection experience in municipal stormwater, water, and wastewater treatment. She has design experience in stormwater and sewer collection systems, commercial and municipal wastewater treatment systems, as well as water distribution and treatment systems.


Michael Chattin, EIT

Michael Chattin, EIT — Project Engineer

Mr. Chattin has experience in civil engineering design calculations and reports that leads to successful project development. Mr. Chattin specializes in municipal design review in support of state and local regulations. He partners with elected and appointed municipal officials to ensure compliance with ordinances. His previous experience includes the design and review of ADA curb ramps for upgrades and resurfacing, construction site inspections, and survey.


Kyle Turner, EIT

Kyle Turner, EIT — Project Engineer

Mr. Turner has experience as a Geotechnical Engineer where he conducted inspections and created reports of investigations. Mr. Turner has experience in materials testing, following ASTM and AASHTO Standards. His past experience includes an internship with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation where he confirmed adherence with PennDOT regulations and guidelines on projects and job sites.


Ankita Patel

Ankita Patel — Project Manager

Mrs. Patel is a civil and water resources engineer with over twelve (12) years of civil engineering experience in Municipal, Residential and Commercial civil/site design and permitting. She has vast technical knowledge and experience in watershed modeling, stormwater management planning, water quality planning, Best Management Practices design, and urban hydrology. She focuses on the practical application of hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality models to solve surface water problems with emphasis in sustainable site development and low impact development design. Mrs. Patel’s engineering abilities and knowledge of the regulatory process makes her indispensable to both Municipal and Private Sector Teams, with the capacity to work cross-functionally as well as plan, organize, and manage available resources to meet and complete the objectives of the project.


Steve Dadio, CPSS/CPSC

Steve Dadio, CPSS/CPSC — Environmental Manager

Mr. Dadio has seventeen (17) years of professional experience and leads many projects in our environmental department. He has used his extensive technical knowledge in ecological and hydrological fields for wetland delineations, watershed studies, environmental site assessments, and nonpoint source pollution prevention programs. Mr. Dadio has extensive experience in the field of soil science for a wide variety of land uses. Specializing in urban and disturbed landscapes, his career has focused on green infrastructure solutions in maintaining natural hydrologic conditions. He also regularly serves as a Construction Manager, with experience in estimating, field management, site inspection and quality control.


Beth Uhler

Beth Uhler — Environmental Project Manager

Ms. Uhler has over fifteen (15) years of experience in the environmental field, with a focus on NPDES Phase II Programs to provide support to municipalities in maintaining compliance with MS4 Stormwater regulations. Ms. Uhler specializes in GIS mapping and analysis, environmental regulatory compliance, pollutant load reduction planning, and floodplain management. She is knowledgeable regarding Pennsylvania’s Chapters 102 and 105 regulations. Her previous experience includes wetland delineation and environmental assessments throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. She is also proficient in threatened and endangered species habitat assessment and consultation, botanical surveys, natural resources inventories, forest stand investigations, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, Phase I environmental site assessments, and wetland mitigation design and monitoring. Ms. Uhler keeps current on environmental regulations by maintaining relationships with regulatory agencies and participating in industry events.


Jamie Sundermier

Jamie Sundermier — Project Manager

Ms. Sundermier brings over twenty (20) years of experience in the environmental field as a soil scientist and sewage facilities planning specialist. In her role as Project Manager, Ms. Sundermier is responsible for performing a wide variety of duties and projects associated with land development and construction. She achieves this by determining compliance with government regulations and policies, processing applications through various approvals, coordinating and overseeing projects, and managing staff, schedules, and budgets. Her knowledge of the environmental industry enables us to engage, share, and collaborate with our municipal partners.


Amanda Reitbauer

Amanda Reitbauer — Environmental Scientist

Ms. Reitbauer, an Environmental Scientist, has experience in the regulatory compliance of NPDES MS4 Stormwater Management Programs and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to collect and analyze data for support in decision making. She assists clients in developing and implementing control measures to best support stormwater management to comply with the MS4 permit. Her experience includes internships and a seminar program through The Washington Center in Washington, DC that focused on GIS, stormwater management, environmental earth systems management, watershed hydrology, and issues in science policy. She has also completed street tree programs, park management plans, and small mammal behavior and population dynamic studies throughout the region.


Mikah Schlesinger

Mikah Schlesinger — Environmental Scientist

Ms. Schlesinger has extensive understanding and expertise with environmental and biological subjects. She supports our environmental team, working with municipalities and private clients. Ms. Schlesinger leads our grant opportunities process, ensuring that our clients receive any money available to support their projects. Her previous experience includes field biology work and on campus lab assistance for both the Geography and the Environment Department and Biology Department at Villanova University.


Christopher Whitman

Christopher Whitman — Environmental Scientist

Mr. Whitman is an environmental scientist with ten (10) years of experience supporting the U.S. Army at Fort Drum, NY. He has expertise in evaluating, inspecting, and reporting on biological and stormwater initiatives. Mr. Whitman administers the Stormwater Management Program at Fort Drum. He is responsible for ongoing updates to the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

G. Windsor Tracy, PLS

G. Windsor Tracy, PLS — Professional Land Surveyor

Mr. Tracy has over thirty (30) years of professional surveying experience. He currently supervises projects, crews, and budgets. His expertise is in total station, robotic, and GPS surveying techniques using hand held devices. Mr. Tracy won Pennsylvania Surveyor of the Year in 2013.


Chris Skorny

Chris Skorny — 3D Modeling Specialist, Licensed Drone Pilot

Mr. Skorny has eighteen (18) years of professional experience in engineering technology including photogrammetry, topographic surveys, spatial data, geomatics, LiDAR technologies, and drafting of land development, plot, and deed plans. He is a licensed Small UnManned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Pilot. Mr. Skorny is responsible for collecting, managing, analyzing, modeling, and presenting data for creation of real-life objects. He is experienced in directing survey crews during topographic surveys and construction stakeouts. He is adept at importing light detection and ranging (LIDAR) and aerial information for conceptual or design plans and integrating this data into field located shots.


Daniel Poli

Daniel Poli — Construction Inspector

Mr. Poli has experience in construction inspections, stormwater management, and environmental assessments. For our clients, he performs concrete and asphalt placement and sub grade reviews, and inspects utility installations including water and sewer. Mr. Poli handles stormwater management inspections and erosion and sedimentation assessments. He also assists with surveying, design, and 3D modeling projects. His unique breadth of knowledge and experience is an asset to our clients.


Frank Newhams, BCO

Frank Newhams, BCO — Zoning & Master Code Professional

Mr. Newhams has over nineteen (19) years experiences in building code enforcement and municipal zoning. He has successfully passed the requirements to receive 19 certifications from the International Code Council. He is also certified by WCU and Chester County Planning Commission as a Master Planner. He has received extensive training and experience in the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Act. He assisted in the creation and promulgation of the UCC Training and Certification Regulations.


Brian Willicombe, BCO

Brian Willicombe, BCO — Certified Building Official

Mr. Willicombe has extensive experience in residential and commercial building code inspections and plan reviews. Mr. Willicombe’s practical experience as a builder over the past 20 years has provided him insight into the other side of the inspection process and subsequently shaped his holistic and thorough approach to building code inspections. Mr. Willicombe’s certifications in surveying, drafting, soils analysis and the international construction codes in combination with his practical inspection experience make him a highly valuable asset to the CEDARVILLE team.


Jeff Cantlin

Jeff Cantlin — Building Code Inspector

Jeff is a highly experienced Building Code Official. He has over fourteen (14) years of professional experience in the field with building codes, plan review, and inspections. His experience also includes an extensive working knowledge of stormwater and sanitary sewer installation, road construction and paving, stormwater bmp installation, and erosion and sediment control requirements. Jeff also performs zoning reviews and investigates resident complaints and violations.


Tracey Franey, BCO

Tracey Franey, BCO — Building Code Official & Zoning Administrator

Ms. Franey has over fifteen (15) years of professional drafting and design experience in all aspects of civil design. Ms. Franey’s private sector experience includes subdivision and plat plan development, stormwater management design, parking lot design, legal description writing and deed research, NPDES, PennDOT Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS), and landscape design in MicroStation and AutoCAD. Ms. Franey’s public sector experience includes subdivision and land development plan review, assisting in Ordinance revisions, stormwater management plan review, legal description review, park master plan development, as well as bid specification and contract writing. She also handles zoning enforcement and codes department administration for municipalities.


Tara Donohie

Tara Donohie — Office Manager

Ms. Donohie is an outstanding Office Manager. She takes care of greeting our visitors, handling phone calls, managing timesheets & expenses, coordinating new project files, and other day-today operations. Most recently, she has been implementing our new project management software, Ajera. Tara is always willing to help and takes every step necessary to ensure everybody is well equipped to provide our clients with the best service possible.


Lori Ounsworth

Lori Ounsworth — Accounting Manager

Ms. Ounsworth has over ten (10) years of experience in managing and performing finance functions. Her responsibilities include accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger preparation, payroll, and financial reporting. Ms. Ounsworth also develops and maintains accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements.


Jerry Jameson

Jerry Jameson — Grants & Proposal Coordinator

Mr. Jameson has over seventeen (17) years of experience in providing fund development services for government, non-profit, and corporate entities. He has provided grant writing and grant search assistance to many Pennsylvania municipalities. He has helped these communities secure millions of dollars in grant funding – helping client’s complete projects and develop initiatives that would not otherwise have been accomplished without funding assistance.

Municipalities seeking funding for a variety of programs and projects can rely on Mr. Jameson’s experience to help identify funding to offset the costs to re-mediate a brownfield site, repair infrastructure, implement a stormwater management or water quality project, revitalize a downtown streetscape, identify and implement a shared services opportunity, develop a park or playground, acquire public safety equipment, develop neighborhood crime prevention programs, preserve open space or a historic structure, or implement an energy conservation program. Mr. Jameson provides expertise, innovation, and quality to every project – meeting clients’ needs and those of their communities.


Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver — Marketing Manager

Ms. Weaver has over twenty-two (22) years of marketing and sales management experience. She is skilled in marketing planning and strategy. Her expertise includes marketing automation, social media, and sales presentations. She manages all marketing areas of the business.



Cedar — Chief Happiness Officer

This is a new position for Cedar, and newly created position at CEDARVILLE.  In her role, she is responsible for welcoming employees and guests, keeping track of lunch times, and ensuring everyone is happy.  

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